Hi, I'm Nathan!

I’m an engineer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. I help build data-driven products, teams, and companies through my work at at Endeavor Labs.

Most recently, I was Director of Engineering at Electric, a venture-backed startup in the IT management space. I joined the company in 2018 as their first data hire, and grew into a broader management role, eventually leading a team of 30 engineers, data scientists, and analysts.

Prior to Electric, I spent about eight years in the cleantech software space, starting as an energy markets analyst at EnerNOC, then founding a predictive analytics SaaS called GridReason, and later joining Lucid to extend the analytical capabilities of BuildingOS, an energy management platform for commercial buildings.

What else? I tend to cycle through hobbies, although in recent years I’ve been an active home chef, tennis player, builder of autonomous drones, and web3 enthusiast. I also travel quite a bit, usually with my lovely wife Stephanie Newman.

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